Bioneers Event

Frank will be speaking on a panel about natural and ecological building, and ways to revamp the green construction industry to serve the needs of the people, place, and economy, at the Front Range EcoSocial Solutions Conference, a.k.a. Bioneers, this year.

Add it to your calendar because it’s coming up soon: February 9-10, 2018.

Located at CU Boulder in their new SEEC Building, look forward to a wide range of speakers discussing topics of environmental and social concern. Check out their full schedule for more topics and speakers.

Here’s the official description:

15th Annual Front Range Eco- Social Solutions: A Bioneers Network Event
February 9 + 10, 2018 ~ University of Colorado at Boulder

In its 15th year, Front Range Eco-Social Solutions is two days of sharing, learning and action, and is a uniquely affordable community event that brings together the progressive thinkers of this colorful region.

Front Range Eco-Social Solutions features re-broadcasts of the national Bioneers plenaries. The national presentations set a global context for the local conference, which features over 30 options of workshops and sessions with over 80 local presenters that focus on topics of regional importance. Bioneers is the preeminent international gathering of leading innovators and visionaries who offer practical solutions to the most pressing environmental and social issues of our time. In its 28th year, Bioneers continues to
uniquely and authentically articulate the relationships between environment, health, social justice and spirit.

Front Range Eco-Social Solutions is a Bioneers Network Event produced by the CU Environmental Center in collaboration with Naropa University, Woodbine Ecology Center, Denver Permaculture Guild, and Earth Guardians.

Let’s create some solutions in the Front Range, together!