Our Lime Plasters Featured in Modern in Denver Magazine

Living Craft’s work at The Bindery Restaurant in Denver was recently featured in an article in Modern in Denver magazine. The focus is on the sustainable and cultural elements that the owner, Linda, brought to her new business venture. Our custom traditional lime plasters are one component of the sustainability practices that they prioritized during their design and build process. Read the full article to find out more, or stop by for an up close look at the walls.

The Ties That Bind

“Lime Plaster is a natural product. It’s a true craftsman’s product… it’s more alive than stucco. It allows light to interact, to dance.”

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Green and Low Carbon Building Interview

lime plaster skylight

Frank participated in a brief interview on green building in Colorado with Boulder, CO radio station KGNU. Both Living Craft and Rodwin Architecture were represented after our joint presentation at The Eco-Social Solutions 2018 conference at CU Boulder. Click below to give it a listen, and be sure to read the whole article at KGNU’s site, linked below.


lime plaster skylight

CR Alumni Feature

Living Craft co-owner Cheryl was recently featured on Community Rebuilds alumni blog. She interned with them in 2010, on the first home ever built. This organization has now built or been part of over 20 new straw bale homes for low and very low income families and individuals. Check out Cheryl’s profile over at their blog, then head to the site to learn more about the homes, families, mission, and current projects they’ve got going in in Moab, Colorado, and Arizona.

Alumni Spotlight – Cheryl Corsiglia

I was an intern in 2010, during the second half of the first ever CR build. The first house was completed in 8 months, instead of 4. Our crew came in for the bale stacking, floor, plasters, and interior framing and finishes.

For a few years after leaving Moab, I never felt strongly motivated by my jobs. While living and working at an environmental education camp, I was most excited by thoughts of building a cob oven or incorporating straw bale into the design for a new cabin. I knew I wanted to get back into natural building.

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Interview with Remodeling Magazine

Co-owner, Ben Waldman, of Living Craft was recently interviewed by Remodeling Magazine regarding his prior disaster relief work. 

Recovering from Disaster: A Lesson in Patience

Two companies offer advice on how they helped communities recover, based on their own experiences.

AP Feed/Getty Images

From the recent floods in Louisianaand the wildfires raging in California,to Superstorm Sandy and 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, remodeling companies are often on the frontlines in helping salvage what’s left of a family’s home. The work involved in a remodeling project following a natural disaster may not be that different as any other job, but the stress on you and your business is.

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