Their art is a pleasure

We have been living in our straw bale house for two years. Every day we enjoy the beautiful artistic work Frank, Ben, and Cheryl did plastering the walls and applying the tadelakt technique in our bathroom and along our kitchen counters. Their art is a pleasure for the eyes and to the touch.

Tadelakt walls are very easy to care for and, despite heavy use, don’t turn old. They just transform beautifully with a bit of maintenance, which involves applying wax twice a year. Even the deposit of calcium from hard water along the walls of the bathroom is not longer a problem.

The team of Frank, Ben, and Cheryl left a wonderful energy in our house. The three of them are smart, honest, creative, talented, fun to be with, very centered, and … they care. They brought all these good qualities into our future home throughout 6 months of hard work. They are a team of young people with strong minds, strong hearts, and strong bodies. Our family has a lot of respect and gratitude for them.

Frank also did some finish carpentry work at the end of our house construction project. He did a beautiful job, continuing to cultivating a special presence during his work. He was with us up to the end and his presence warmed our heart and fed our spirit.