Why Design and Build?

We called our company Living Craft DESIGN + BUILD. But why?

Firstly, we each love to get our hands into the design phase of a remodel or new build. It is super fun to geek out about air barriers, passive solar, material selections, mechanical systems, and floor plans that will result in the best and healthiest home possible to meet the client’s needs.

Additionally, when the builders join the design team early, or simply are the design team, small tweaks to the design made early on can result in huge cost savings down the line, when the project is under construction.

For example, when designing a straw bale house (one of many types of construction we specialize in), it is so important to take into account the dimensions of the bale when deciding the wall height and length. If your straw bale walls are always the length of x number of bales, plus a half bale, this reduces the labor when it comes time to build. Why’s that? Because then the cutting of bales is reduced and simplified (always into 1/2’s). It also eliminates wasted bales, since every half bale left over from one course will be used on the next!

This is just one example of many as to why builders who are interested and involved in the design of a project will save money, time, and materials. We make it even simpler, by offering both!