We build healthy homes and remodel existing homes to meet your lifestyle and comfort needs.


Let us design your remodel or new home. Our integrated and refined processes of working with you and other experts will result in a streamlined build with a complete set of specifications that will meet your budget. Whether it’s a brand new space or a renovation, we want your home to be designed around your patterns and be built to last for a long time to come.


Let’s build your new home together.  Our specialties include high-performance homes and detailing for longevity of your structure. We focus on low-carbon solutions, including the use of natural insulation materials like straw bales, cellulose, and hemp.


Whether you’re working on a whole home remodel, new kitchen, or bathroom upgrade, we’ve got the expertise and team to get your project done. Using our expertise in traditional methods, married with modern science, our remodeling projects are naturally healthy and better for the planet.

Natural Wall Finishes

Wake up your walls with the beauty and simplicity of natural plaster finishes. See more at our sister company, Living Plasters.